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“Travel has always been an important part of our family life. Over the years, Maureen has helped us put together some amazing trips and as a result we have created some amazing memories. As our kids have gotten older, our vacations have become more complex and more adventurous. Three years ago when our children were 13, 17 and 20, we took a 28-day overland trip that started in Victoria Falls, crossed through Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar and ended in Nairobi, Kenya. We added a few days in Cape Town, South Africa on the front end of the trip visiting Robben Island, cage diving with Great White sharks, and eating some of the best seafood we've ever had. Maureen made the whole trip possible by finding a tour operator who was open to including our 13-year-old. We had such a good time on that trip, that we went back to Africa this past summer. We travelled first through Jordan and then into Egypt seeing so many wonders - Petra, Mt. Sinai, the Dead Sea, the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, riding donkeys, and sailing down the Nile in a falucca. Next we went to the Masai Mara game park in Kenya where we were lucky to see the start of the wildebeest migration, before ending the trip by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Making it to the top - all five of us - was an experience we'll never forget. Again, Maureen worked every detail and found operators willing to take our whole family. No matter how big or small the trip, Maureen investigates every part and goes above and beyond every time. ”
- Liz Hannah and Irv Ratushniak
“Hi: Yes we had a great time. Thanks for the advice re: the bug spray. There were some ants on a table in the room and sometimes you’d see them in the sand where people had left sweet drinks. The food was much better than Cuba – especially the sweets and the beach was nice but the water was very wavy – red flag up all week. The staff on the resort were awesome and couldn’t do enough for you. ”
- Freda M - Superclubs Puerto Plata March 2009
“Hello Marilyn This is my feedback on Playa Pesquero Resort The first sight of the interior of the resort is the lobby, massive & beautiful, with wonderful comfy slouchy chairs An indication of things to come Check-in & out was swift & easy. If you make telephone calls be sure to check a day prior to leaving & get some convertible pesos to cover the cost as the bank on site is not open until 8 am Our check-out was at 6 am Due to my surname being French, all information provided to me was in French. There was no problem a day later getting an English version and new beach towel coupons, especially since I had discard the French receipts necessary to get a towel. The lobby coffee bar was fabulous: the lattes, the croissant and sugar cookies; available 24-7 The L-shaped lobby bar is certainly the center of the evening entertainment. Chocolate martinis are fabulous!! Even if the line-up is a few people deep, the service was fast & pleasant Many restaurants to choose from. No way that anyone would starve! The beer garden is open 24 hours. The spring rolls & stuffed red peppers were so tasty. The pool is massive & great for families with small children. Lots of shallow spots for the tots The ice cream bar on the way to and back from the beach is a joy! A daily stop. The beach was long, beautiful & clean. Great for walking! The water was warm, no under tow or drop-offs The hotel rooms were excellent! Just make sure that if you want your bedding changed & fresh towels put everything in a heap on the floor. The staff was friendly & polite. Certainly didn’t feel the need to tip, although we did until the pesos ran out on the last day. I can honestly say nothing negative about Playa Pesquero Resort & will definitely return!!! ENJOY FOLKS!! ”
“Hi Marlene!!!! I would like to thank you so much for helping us find a great place to holiday in Mexico. The resort was amazing!!!! The Palladium Vallarta is a very beautiful place with lots to do. Weather was great and everything was top notch. We got to do our ceremony on Thursday afternoon. We did it on our own with some new friends we made at the resort, it was perfect!!!! Thank you again, we had a wonderful week. Mike & Eileen”
- Mike & Eileen
“Thank you Melanie! Eric and I want to thank you for the amazing customer service you gave to us while trying to help us plan our cruise. You helped us pick the best holiday ever, that catered to our every need! Thank you so much for your time, patience and excitement for us! We'll deffinately be booking our Honeymoon with you! Thanks again”
- Becky and Eric
“Mel, You are always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for taking care of my travel needs and my employees. I know I can always count on you!”
- Marilyn
“As always, at the drop of a hat, you are there to book my last minute flights for me. Until next time.”
- Gary
“Melanie you are a lifesaver, I am always so confident in dealing with you. Talk to you when I get back.”
- Ally
“Hi Melanie Thanks for your welcome home email, it was a pleasant surprise to return from our trip and find an email from you. We enjoyed the cruise so much that we are planning our next cruise for 2010. We'll be in touch soon. Thanks again”
- Tawnya
“Good job on the travel booking Jenna !!! We loved our resort in Mexico and had a good time ... unfortunately we had to come home :(”
- Karen V.

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